X Integration - Lan / Wan

With the increased interdependency of computers and the internet. Having a quality Local Area Network and a Wide Area network for multi-site customers is a must to ensure business operate correctly.

X Integration is a Cisco Select Partner and a Small Business Partner who specialises in both small networks to large 100+ device networks and wide area networks for customers who have multiple offices that need connectivity.

We design systems to meet the clients needs including:

  • Small networks of upto 20-30 devices
  • Multi-site (WAN) deployments using
    • Cisco Routers using IPSec or DMVPN
    • Linux based routing solutions using VTUN, IPSec or OpenVPN
    • Multi path redundant networks using HSRP allowing for single link failures to not bring sites down
  • Network monitoring - we alert you to network outages and work to get them fixed before you staff notice the issue has occurred

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