X Integration - Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop replaces traditional business reliance on regular upgrading of physical computing by shifting the provisioning of desktop functionality to the Cloud. This substantially reduces costs for the business while maintaining the same standard in functionality and reliability.

X Integration provides cloud based desktops through which a business can connect using existing computers, tablets, smartphones or through thin-clients to the cloud via the internet. This provides access to virtual desktops running the latest Microsoft software through month to month flexibility with licensing.

Cloud Desktop is also ideal for businesses with staff on the road or multi-site who want quick and straightforward access to files and documents irrespective of the staff members physical location. This solution allows for a tailored desktop designed to meet your needs, with a custom built desktop image for each organisation which is maintained and upgraded as new software becomes available at a fixed monthly cost.

Cloud Desktop offers the following benefits over traditional physical workstations:

  • Rapid deployment of new virtual machines (such as when hiring new employees).
  • Speedy and cost effective recovery from significant technical issues that would render physical workstations inoperative.
  • Standardised workstation that can be easily customised with low cost overheads based upon employee needs.
  • More reliable and flexible.
  • Use pre-exisiting desktops and replace over time with thin-clients, maintaining life of existing assess.
  • Fixed month costs.

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